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All Natural Bug Repellent

DSC_0828Chicken Milk “Bug Juice” is an All Natural Bug Repellent, from Barnwood & Bluegrass, that smells great and works great! Ever since I was a little girl going to camp I have had a severe allergy to bug bites. When I grew up and had my first child, he enjoyed being outside. One day I went outside and got so many mosquito bites I ended up in the Emergency Room! I used products with “DEET” for years and then discovered how bad it is for you. With so much cancer running in my family and with 4 boys who love to spend summer days outside, I decided it was time to come up with something more of an all natural bug repellent. With the help of a friend, I researched ingredients that were a deterrent as well as a soothing remedy. That is what is so wonderful about Chicken Milk, by Barnwood & Bluegrass, it not only deters the insects from biting, but if you happen to get bit, it also soothes the infected area with Witch Hazel and other all natural ingredients. It is safe enough for the skin, but also works on window sills to detract ants and other pesky insects. Chicken Milk “Bug Juice” All Natural Bug Repellent…it is Good for your Brood!!

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